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Research Blossom

Our Research Analysis.

Our team is analysing psychedelics research and making it available as a psychedelics research database and informational website for researchers, practitioners and students.

With that website we want to advance the speed at which research is translated into practice. Our plans include making our guide available to other practicioners, write commentary on the state of research, weekly updates on the latest news, and more.

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Psilocybin Compound

Scientific research.

Since the year 2000, psychedelics research is going through a renaissance. Currently, studies are being done on how psychedelics (mainly psilocybin) can be used to treat depression, help with PTSD, anxiety, and more mental disorders.

Some trials are now in the final phase of FDA approval (and too with the EMA - in Europe). Optimists expect psychedelic-assisted therapies to become part of the psychotherapist's toolbox again within 5 years.

On our research site we post regular updates on the state of research, you can sign up for the free newsletter to keep up to date.

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