Discover your creativity with a safe, guided psychedelic truffle-assisted session.

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Psilocybin Couch

A safe set and setting to learn.

Blossom offers you a research-based and supervised setting to experience and learn from an altered state of consciousness. Gain new insights through a guided psychedelic experience.

Increase your creativity with a guided truffle-assisted session. A unique and memorable experience that can widen your horizon.

Feel comfortable in our spacious session room in Rotterdam.

Psilocybin Compound

For the curious, strong-minded explorers.

Our guided psychedelic truffle-assisted sessions are for:

Creative problem solving

Self-development and new experiences

Exploration of altered states of consciousness

It is not intended to:

Solve clinical problems (PTSD, trauma)

People with a family history of schizophrenia

Only having a fun trip

The sessions are for people who believe that it's wrong not to see all that life has to offer you. You are seeking a deeper understanding, a new perspective, or want to break through a barrier. You are curious and open to new experiences. You want to live an examined life. You might not have tried psychedelics before. You are ready to open the doors of perception.

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What to expect.

When you leave your contact information, these are the steps that you can expect.

1. Introduction Call

15 days before

Welcome (15 min)

During the introduction call we can answer your questions. After the call you will receive our information folder and an invitation to take the intake questionnaire.

2. Intake Questionnaire

14 days before

Screening (30 min)

With the questionnaire we hope to learn a bit more about who you are. The questions relate to your background and the intentions for the session. Your information will be treated with the utmost care for privacy.

3. Preparation Meeting

7 days before

Preparation (1 hour)

In the preparation meeting we will discuss your intake questionnaire. Most of the time will be dedicated to discussing your goals and intentions. Again there is ample room for questions.

4. Session

the day

Guided Session (6 hours)

During the session you will received a personalised amount of truffles. The guide will go over your goals and intentions once more. For most of the session you will listen to music and contemplate in an expanded state of consciousness. Learn more about the session

5. Integration meeting

7 days after

Integration (1 hour)

In the week following your experience you'll write down what you've learned. The integration meeting reflects back on the session and your guide will give you further advice on how to integrate the lessons into everyday life.

A unique experience.

A really interesting way to get to know yourself better and target the things that you want to do better in life. It was amazing to see that the insights I got during the session were all answers that I already knew. Only now I was able to connect different kinds of solutions into a single one. It enabled me to create a plan to work on myself!

Sander - participant

I felt free, carefree, re-energized... The concrete coat had come off... All that day and well into the next, a high pressure system of well-being dominated my psychological weather.

Watts, et al. - participants from earlier research

Psilocybin Compound